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   Alopecia Areata  

It is a sudden patchy hair loss in people with no obvious skin disorder or systemic disease.
The scalp and beard are most frequently affected, but any hairy area may be involved. Hair loss may affect most or all of the body (alopecia universalis). Alopecia areata is thought to be an autoimmune disease affecting genetically susceptible people exposed to unclear environment triggers,

such as infection or emotional stress. It occasionally coexists with autoimmune vitiligo or thyroditis. Nails are sometimes pitched or display trachyonychia, a roughness of nail is also seen.

Understanding alopecia areata:
The hair is made up of a protein called keratin which is also the main constituent of nails. A specialised structure inside the skin called ‘Papilla' produces the hair as shown in the figure. The papilla is surrounded by a sac-like structure called the ‘Hair follicle' which also surrounds rest of the hair root within the skin. The part of the hair outside the skin surface is called as shaft

Homoeopathic Approach:
Alopecia being an autoimmune disease responds quite well to homoeopathic treatment. As in such diseases deep seated constitutional medications are required as administered in homoeopathy.
It works by healing the hair follicles and reducing inflammation so as leading to permanent cure.
These medicines do not have any side effects as for corticosteroids used by orthodox treatment. Also the cure that happens subsequently through these medicines does not lead to hair fall when the administration is stopped once the patient is cured.

  Welcome to Homeopathicclinik.com
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Welcome to Homeopathicclinik.com

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